7 Reasons To Hire An Attorney For Your Uncontested Divorce

A common misconception is that a divorce attorney is only needed when there are disagreements between the spouses. But when there is a complete agreement on all divorce issues many couples think a divorce attorney is an unnecessary expense. Instead they get free forms from the court, pay for forms over the Internet, or even […]

3 Legal Documents Every Graduating Senior Needs to Ensure Parents Can Act On Their Behalf In An Emergency

It’s graduation time, which means your “baby” is all grown up and preparing to head out into the real world.  But before your son or daughter packs up for summer vacation or even their first semester of college, I want you to think about what it means having a child who is an “adult” in […]

Talking to Your Parents About Meeting with an Estate Planning Lawyer

Across the country, folks often put off their estate planning for many reasons.  Whether it’s facing your own mortality, or that of your parents, the prospect of needing a will or trust isn’t something that many of us want to think about.  The reality, though, is that when we continue to put off the estate […]

When is the trial?

When parties reach a negotiation impasse, I often hear one party say “Let’s just go to trial and have the Judge decide that.” Unfortunately the parties don’t often realize just how long they will be waiting. After a trial the judge has up to 90 days (3 months!) to make the decision. But first you […]

Family Court: What to Expect

Going to court can be a stressful experience for anyone, but it can be especially trying for people dealing with the emotionally charged issues of divorce and child custody. It may help reduce the stress if you’re aware of what you can expect from the different types of events held in the courtroom. In many […]