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Why Every Adult Must Have A Health Care Directive

As an estate planning and family law attorney I cannot urge people enough to make sure their wishes are documented and, more importantly, their families are protected and prepared. A valid Health Care Directive is a critically important document that is so easy to get. It can truly make a world of difference for your family during what is an already difficult time.

A Health Care Directive will provide your family with peace of mind, knowledge of your wishes, medical directives, information, and avoid potential fights or the need for court proceedings. Without a Health Care Directive your family could find themselves struggling to get information on your condition and fighting over who speaks on your behalf.  Your loved ones could find themselves second guessing decisions that have been made and dealing with guilt over those decisions.  Worst case scenario your family could spend years and thousands of dollars in court fighting over your health care options.

Contrary to popular belief, a Health Care Directive is not just for the old and sick – ALL adults should have a one.  (The contentious court cases involving end of life healthcare decisions that we hear about in the media all involve younger patients – Terri Schiavo was not even 30 years old when she fell ill.)  In fact I encourage all parents to make sure their children have a valid Health Care Directive as soon as they turn 18.

Because I so strongly believe in the importance of Health Care Directives I wrote a book, Why Every Adult Must Have A Health Care Directive, that I am very excited to announce has just been published. In my book, I explain what a Health Care Directive is, why it is important for all adults to have one, and the 8 simple steps to take for complete Advance Care Planning. I have also included a free Minnesota Health Care Directive form in the book (which is also available online at www.lewisklaw.com/mnhcd).

Why Every Adult Must Have A Health Care Directive is available for purchase at Amazon.com and as an ebook through Kindle. To celebrate its release, the ebook will be available for free March 26th through March 30th. The book and a free Minnesota Health Care Directive form is also available through my website at www.lewisklaw.com/mnhcd.



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