Estate Planning

Total Estate PlanningNothing is scarier than the thought of leaving your family alone and unprepared. Total Estate Planning will provide you a sense of security knowing your loved ones are protected.

Our Total Estate Planning packages offer a complete estate plan including a will and/or trust, power of attorney, and health care directive. These are the basic documents that every adult needs to protect their estate and health. We will also assess your individual situation to determine if any additional legal documents are needed to meet your goals and protect your family.

All of our Total Estate Planning packages also include a DocuBank or LegalVault membership so your information is always accessible in an emergency and our exclusive Total Estate Planning Organizer to provide you and your family with guidance and instructions during what will be a challenging time. We also offer Parents’ Peace of Mind Planning and Legacy Planning. With our Total Approach we go beyond the traditional model of estate planning.

With traditional estate planning you get legal documents to be used in case of your death or incapacity. With Total Estate Planning you get a comprehensive plan and a trusted adviser who will work with you to personally make sure you and your family are protected and prepared for whatever may come your way. A Total Estate Plan leaves nothing to chance, and will give you the peace of mind knowing that should the worst happen, your loved ones will be prepared.