Emotional and Practical Considerations for Divorce

Jan 15, 2019

If you are contemplating divorce there are many things to think about. A divorce can impact all areas of your life and you don’t want to go in to the process blind. Here are just a few things to consider.

Sheer Change for All Involved

Humans are built to seek a comfort zone. This doesn’t necessarily mean a positive comfort zone, just simply any situation that we become comfortable in. We are also very adaptive creatures. We can get ‘comfortable” in some very negative situations. Divorce is a massive change that will take us out of our comfort zones. Change is never easy but change can bring us into a better situation. Be prepared for the emotional turmoil that may come as you find your new comfort zone.

The Legal Process May Be Easy or It May Be Hard

We have all heard the horror stories of messy divorces, and it is true that the legal process for some divorces can be challenging. But for other divorces the legal process may be quite simple. If you want a divorce don’t let the fear of a messy divorce process stop you. You may find that the legal issues may be outweighed by the peace and success it can bring to other parts of your life.

Seek Support and Get Educated

The most important thing to consider is what help you can line up before you get started. Start building your support network of friends and family you can lean on while you rebuild your life. Consider starting, or continuing, therapy to help you through the emotional challenges. And make sure you find an experienced family law attorney that can guide you through the divorce process while educating you on your options. Contact our office today and schedule your Personal Strategy Session.