How to Deal with an Unreasonable Ex

Dec 3, 2013

Often, during the divorce process, there are times when one party becomes entirely unreasonable. They won’t agree, refuse to be reasonable, and generally make themselves a giant pain in the you-know-what. Some people, in the throws of divorce, lose their ability to reason, and that can make the other party uncomfortable, in addition to making communication extremely frustrating.

In a recent article, “3 Tips for Dealing with an Unreasonable Ex”, Marina Sbrochi gives three tips to help with these difficult situations:

1. Redirect

2. Time Out

3. Ignore

Sounds a lot like advice for dealing with your toddler, doesn’t it? Sbrochi points out that the two personalities are basically the same, and therefore the same tactics apply. I have to agree. So next time you are dealing with a difficult interaction, just remember to use the same strategies.

If your ex pitches a fit about summer vacation or your parenting plan, redirect. Bring up another topic, one you know will appear to go in their favor. If that doesn’t work, consider taking a time out. I’m not advising you to put your ex in a corner (but wouldn’t that be nice?), but instead, let them know that you are not going to put up with the language, attitude, or tone. Simply tell them that their behavior is not acceptable, and you’ll speak with them when they have calmed. What if the first two suggestions don’t work? Ignore them. That’s right. As long as it doesn’t violate your parenting plan or court orders, then just ignore them. Let them know that while they are being unreasonable you will not speak with them.

Use these tips to deal with difficult situations, and you’ll come out on top.