You’ve heard the buzz about having a contact labeled “ICE” in your phone, just in case of that car crash where someone needs to be contacted, pronto. What about further identification for medical personnel? Sure, they have your driver’s license…did you ever change that address when you moved? And they could probably find your auto insurance in the glove box…if you printed out a new one. How about your medical insurance card or Health Care Directive?

By carrying “In Case of Emergency” information at all times, you can avoid issues that may arise during an emergency situation. I.C.E. information includes identification, emergency contacts, health insurance information, as well as any known medical conditions or allergies.  I.C.E. information can be contained on a handwritten card carried in a wallet, a LegalVault or DocuBank membership card (which will provide information, access to Health Care Directives, and alerts to emergency contacts if the information is retrieved by medical information), or stored on many different cell phone apps (search I.C.E.).