Who Needs a Will?

Dec 27, 2013 | Legal Services, Minnesota Estate Planning, Wills

While not everyone needs a will, most people could benefit from a will. You could use a will if:

  • You would not want your property divided according to your state’s intestacy laws
  • You would want to leave something to a person not recognized by your state’s intestacy laws (a non-marital partner, a stepchild, a best friend)
  • You or your spouse have children from another relationship
  • You have minor children and would like to designate a guardian to care for them
  • You have a beneficiary with special needs
  • You have specific wishes regarding how your assets are distributed
  • You would like to leave something to a charity
  • You would like to establish some sort of trust upon your death
  • You have a substantial estate and could benefit from tax planning

If you need a will, Monticello based Minnesota Estate Planning Attorney Jennifer R. Lewis Kannegieter provides a variety of estate planning services for clients throughout the Twin Cities and Central Minnesota.