Could You Benefit From Unbundled Legal Services?

Feb 26, 2013 | Attorneys, Legal Services, News

Introducing Lewis Kannegieter Law, Ltd. Online

Providing unbundled family law and estate planning services online.

I am excited to announce the opening of Lewis Kannegieter Law, Ltd. Online – the new virtual arm of the firm where I will be able to provide unbundled family law and estate planning services online.

Unbundled (or limited scope) legal services allow budget conscious consumers to hire an attorney for a specific, or limited, purpose, as opposed to hiring an attorney for full-representation on all matters of the case. The client otherwise is representing him/herself and proceeding pro se. As the client only pays for a chosen service, this can be particularly helpful for clients with limited funds who do not qualify for a pro bono attorney, but who still need the advice of an attorney.

Unbundled legal services come in many forms and can include drafting of documents, review of client provided documents, advice, and coaching on your matter. An unbundled retainer agreement should clearly lay out the services the attorney will perform, and the responsibilities of the client.

Thanks to the power of technology I am able to provide unbundled legal services securely online. With the virtual firm Lewis Kannegieter Law, Ltd. will be able to serve clients throughout the state of Minnesota.  We will continue to offer our full representation services from our Monticello office.

If you are interested in learning more about the unbundled services I can provide in your case, please check out Lewis Kannegieter Law, Ltd. Online or contact me.