Our Books and Resources

Jennifer R. Lewis Kannegieter has authored a variety of books, e-books, and special reports related to estate planning and family law.  Please check out the available titles below and request your free resources today.

One Family, Two Worlds: A Story About Total Estate Planning

You know you need a Will, but do you understand the difference it could make for your family? This quick read tells the story of Alex and Christina and their family in two alternate realities – one where they have no Will and one where they have completed a Total Estate Plan.

Why Every Adult Must Have a Health Care Directive

Making difficult end-of-life decisions for ourselves is hard, but making these decisions for our loved ones can be heart-wrenching. Protect your family from this burden with a Health Care Directive. This book explains what a Health Care Directive is, why you need one, and how to go about completing one.

The Insider’s Guide to Legal Fees: What You NEED to Know Before Hiring an Attorney

The fear of outrageous legal fees can prevent you from seeking legal advice. Failure to hire the right attorney can create an even bigger mess. Read this book and understand how attorneys charge, what to look for in a lawyer, and how to keep your legal fees under control.

Surviving the ‘Sandwiched’ Years

How To Protect Your Parent’s Assets, Honor Their Wishes & Provide Long-Term Care… Without Losing Your Money – Or Your Mind!: If you are caring for aging parents this free guide will help you, and help them, navigate the world of long-term care and estate planning.

Nine Steps to Handling Your Loved One’s Estate

The weeks and months following the death of a loved one can be overwhelming. With so much to do legally and financially, you may be wondering where to even start and what exactly is involved in closing out a loved one’s estate. This free guide will walk you through the first nine steps you need to take.

Protect Your Child Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond: 5 Estate Planning Steps for Parents of Children with Special Needs.

If your child has physical or developmental disabilities, there are many legal and financial concerns that must be considered for the future. This e-book is perfect for busy parents who want to know how and where to get started and will answer some of your most burning questions.

Parent Sanity Plan

Once your child legally becomes an adult you can no longer make legal or financial decisions for them. But let’s face it….your job of being a parent doesn’t stop just because your child turns 18. If there’s a medical emergency or your child asks for financial help, you NEED the ability to cut through the legal red tape and get involved – learn how with the Parent Sanity Plan.